Paresh Hazra

Title: Lady with her cat

Medium: Guache on Paper

Dimensions: 28 X 26 inches


Paresh thinks of himself as a Storyteller, He always has some story to tell without which he feels his narrative of the painting is incomplete. Every painting has a story to tell, whether he tells it or lets the viewers imagine it. Over the last year, characters from his different endeavors have come alive as a mix of imagination, reality and humor. Paresh says ”The heroines of my work from the on-going series – ‘Lady and her Cat’ are sometimes related to me, perhaps, someone I was curious about or dreamt of. And today, they are revisiting me in through my work. Many a times, I am not able to speak my mind and share how I feel about them. Today, they take up important forms through my paintings, poems and stories. I may not meet many of these characters again in reality, but I often revisit them through my thoughts and paintings.” This artwork will be shipped flat with Crimson’s certificate of authenticity.


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