Paresh Hazra

Title: Naya Tara

Medium: Old Egg Tempera on Canvas Board

Dimensions: 23 X 19 inches


Paresh Hazra dresses his characters with a puppet like quality. His richly textured work unveils the emotions of simple folk. In the early 1990s, he had started working on his most favorite medium Old Egg Tempera (OET), a technique that I had learnt from Christian Puard, a French painter. The application technique of this medium was completely different from what he had learned at Art College. Paresh has established this old egg tempera practice as part of as his own identity through his artworks. He uses only natural pigment colors and no other commercial or synthetic colors and processes and also at the same time experiments on the surface matrix creating innovative effects. Paresh Hazra thinks of himself as a Storyteller, He always has some story to tell without which he feels his narrative of the painting is incomplete. Every painting has a story to tell, whether he tells it or lets the viewers imagine it. Over the last year, characters from his different endeavors have come alive as a mix of imagination, reality and humor. This painitng cannot be rolled. This artwork will be shipped flat with Crimson’s certificate of authenticity.


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