Praveen Kumar graduated with a BFA MVA in Painting from Jain University, Bangalore. He is the recipient of the Sa Mudra Nirman Yuva Puraskar Karnataka Award in 2012, the Karnataka Lalit Kala Academi Award in 2008 and the All India Lokmanya Tilak Art Foundation Award, Pune in 2005.
Architectural detail is sacrificed for the overall feeling that he strives to create. Spaces that light up the darkness of the city fascinate him.. The changing urban landscape, its crowded concrete structures repeated ad infinitum still has an allure for so many that flock to the cities from the idyllic villages in the hinterland.
This artist too sees a cityscape that mesmerizes both in terms of shape and colour and this in turn is reflected in his recent paintings. He has tried to bring to our notice the degradation of the city and its natural habitat.
Praveen Kumar lives and works in Bangalore.