Sunil Sarkar was born at the foothills of the Himalayas in North Bengal in 1966 and his entire childhood was surrounded by the amazing scenic beauty of bountiful nature. Inspired by serene surroundings, Sunil started capturing visuals from his everyday life on pencil and paper since he was very young. Driven by his passion for art, Sunil moved to Kolkata in 1985 to study Fine Arts in Indian College of Art and successfully graduated to pursue his quest for Art.

Since then, Sunil has been working in various media and experimenting with various forms and content. He is known for his ‘Bull’ series, as he is able to capture the force of a bull on the rampage. His works have been exhibited in different galleries in various cities, across India. Drawing is his forte and he tries to express himself with simplicity. Quick and bold strokes are used to express the power of the bull. Drawing is an honest medium and the artist’s sincerity and integrity to his work shows.

He lives and works in Kolkata.