Crimson is nurtured like a child by Naozar and Silloo Daruwalla. The utmost care to the wide selection of works from emerging to senior artists is a joy for an art lover. While I was curating artworks for Goldman Sachs new office space in Bengaluru, the personalized experience I received from the Daruwallas was what made a big difference to the final choices of artworks. Their experience and expertise in the area reflects from their perspectives and selection of works. 

It has been a pleasure and I look forward to more avenues for work and interaction with Crimson.    


                  Silky Arora

                  New Delhi, India 

While Crimson Art Gallery maybe one of Bangalore’s oldest art galleries, it is also one of the best. The art ranges from old masters to contemporary experimental artists. The experience of selection is also lovely. Crimson is set in an old bungalow which has been converted into little retails stores of all kinds. The old world charm lends itself to be inspired. The owners are well versed and have a wonderfully curated collection. We have managed to find works here for all the homes we design, with large and small budgets making Crimson a place that has something for everyone.

                    Farah Ahmed Mathias

                   Co-Founder and Design Principle, FADD Studio

                   Bangalore, India

We have known Crimson since moving to Bangalore about 30 years ago. Naozar and Silloo make a great team and have helped many of us enjoy fine works of Art from well known as well as budding artists. Their passion for Art continues, and we are sure they will continue to showcase many more fine artists in the future.


                   Kiran & Sunil Chainani

                   Bangalore, India

I have dealt with the Crimson Art Gallery, Bangalore run by Silloo Daruvala over many years. We sourced the artworks for the Boutiques that we set up then from Crimson. Silloo was a great support in ensuring that we got artworks that were relevant to us, often at short notice. Silloo is well connected with the art world and very knowledgeable. I wish Silloo and Crimson the very best.

                  Johnson Verghese

                  Ex Divisional Manager Tanishq

                  Bangalore, India

I have been collecting Indian Art since 2000. Among my prized pieces is a work by Manoj Kachangal. It is a striking abstract painting. This, together with two other pieces, was purchased from Crimson Art Gallery in Bangalore. 

Dealing with Crimson has been rewarding–their pricing was fair and they couriered the three pieces promptly to me in Kuala Lumpur. A very happy client! 

Best wishes,

                  Kanajan Sampullay

                  Kuala Lumpur


I first met Daruwallas in 1989 at Venkatappa Art Gallery.   They were in the process of starting their “Crimson- The Art Resource” Gallery in Bangalore.   Though the gallery space was small they organised a lot of exhibitions.   They organised my late wife Arnawaz’s exhibition too.   Naozar Daruwalla took lot of interest in organising and promoting my large exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai.   Our friendship has grown up since then.   We consider them as very good friends and share many of our common concerns.



                  Bangalore, India

I want to take a moment to thank Silloo and the Crimson Art Gallery in Bangalore.  I was very pleased working with her to select several paintings for my home.  I truly appreciated her knowledge, patience and professionalism as I selected the perfect artwork.  Additionally, Crimson had the paintings couriered to my home in California, and they arrived in great shape to my satisfaction.  Couldn’t be happier.

                  Mia Leondakis

                  California, USA

We have thoroughly enjoyed being clients of Crimson over the years. Their knowledge of artists from all over India, well known and not so well known, is deep and informed. There is always an interesting and varied selection of artworks in their gallery whenever we visit and consequently a lot of temptation. We bought a beautiful Yusuf Arakkal painting which they shipped to the UK for us. It was expertly packed and arrived in perfect condition, plus the paperwork was efficiently handled. We also bought several other stunning paintings, some of which were also successfully shipped to the UK.

We value the service which Crimson offers which is highly professional, personal and not at all pushy and wish them well.

Best wishes to both of you.

                  Monica & Sean Dexter


For any artist, a gallery is not just a space to exhibit or sell his works. It is a bridge of communication – with the art fraternity, connoisseurs and the world at large – bonded with certain values. Whenever I think of Crimson Art Gallery, what comes to my mind is its humanistic vision and concerns. It plays an important role in the cultural sphere of Bengaluru, and at the same time it treats every single artist associated with the gallery with great humanistic perspective. If I am asked to describe Crimson in one expression, I would say it is the vision that touches our innards with all its hues.”

                  Murali Cheeroth


                 Bangalore, India

Crimson Art Gallery was one of the first in Bangalore at a time when buying and owning art was a relatively new experience for most. Naozar and Silloo are true art lovers dedicated to promoting not just art but new young aspiring artists. They built trust and loyalty over the years by hand holding the first time buyer throughout their journey of appreciating and owning works of art. 

I look forward to your website which no doubt will be creative and accessible to collectors and artists

                 Meeru Pai

                 Bangalore, India

Dear Silloo,

Time flies!

I did not realise that Crimson has completed 31 years. Geetanjali and I have warm memories of the being of Crimson in the shopping centre and then as you grew out of it. I used to bring my daughter Manasi to visit very often and I think her interest in art came out of these trips. We are proud and pleased with all of the art pieces that we acquired from you over the years. 

Crimson and the Daruwallas have put in a lot of effort to bring contemporary art to Bangalore.

Keep it up and God Bless for the future.


                  Vikram, Geetanjali and Manasi

                  Kirloskar Residence,

                  Kirloskar Business Park

                  Bangalore, India


For me it has been the second generation of ‘working friendship’ with Crimson Art Gallery, before me my father Gopal Adivrekar was represented by the Gallery. I appreciate Crimson for giving me the opportunity to showcase my works in Bangalore for the first time in 2002 and it has been a fruitful journey ever since.

From day one it has been a great experience, both Naozar & Silloo are humble and always helped me and my work to connect to the right people. Personally, I must say that it is an honor for me to belong to the family of artists of Crimson Art Gallery who are handpicked few of the best contemporary artists.

In an increasingly competitive art marketplace, it’s really great to be with the Gallery that is authentic and has real ‘weight’ to it, above and beyond the name itself.


                  Ratnadeep Gopal Adivrekar


                 Mumbai, India

Dear Silloo, dear Naozar,

25 years ago, when we lived in Bangalore for some time, Silloo and Naozar introduced us to contemporary Indian art. Those paintings we acquired have been part of our homes in different parts of the world ever since. Not only did they gain in value considerably, but they attracted attention and appreciation by many visitors. They not only remind us of our wonderful years in India, but – even more important – of our warm friendship with Silloo and Naozar that still exists today.

With love,

                  Barbara & Henning Steinbrinker

                  Frankfurt, Germany

I have been a client of Crimson-The Art Resource for several years and have acquired a number of works by a range of artists from their collection.  Silloo and Naozar have always provided us with excellent care, attention and service.  They are well up to the latest art movements, networked with the right artists, and able to provide you with a lot of thought in art, artists, and art movements.  A visit to the Crimson Gallery is highly recommended when you’re in Bangalore.

                  Vasudev & Vrinda Bhandarkar

                  Vas Bhandarkar

                  CEO ScoreData

                 San Francisco, USA


I have been working with Crimson for more than 30 years. I’m always very excited to work with them as they have such great knowledge and a keen eye for art. They are the pioneers of art in Bangalore. We appreciate their creative approach in brightening up our interior spaces with their art. The exposure and accessibility of art through this window is commendable and I hope to continue this beautiful relationship for a long time to come.

Thank you very much for your wonderful service.


                  Shernavaz Bharucha

                 SHERNAVAZ INTERIOR               

Dear Silloo,

What a lovely idea of creating a website to describe Crimson’s journey over the past 30+ years

I remember changing my home and office collection from being predominantly paintings by my famous artist uncle Madhav Satwalekar to a new and different esthetic by adding contemporary artists’ paintings to my art collection.

At that time Crimson had not even formally opened in Safina Plaza. In those early years I bought a few Adimoolam works from your exhibitions at The West End Hotel. From your Gallery, in Safina Plaza, I bought so many paintings by Adimoolam, Gopal Adivrekar, Yusuf Arakkal, Ravi Mandlik and other artists, at rates that were ridiculously low by today’s standard. I must tell you that a Yusuf Arakkal ‘Kite Series’ painting still hangs proudly in my office today. My factory Kirloskar Electric Company resembled an art gallery in those days.

Our daughters luckily love our art collection and have taken some away to enjoy in their homes in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur. I recall once fooling Naozar by saying that some of my paintings were stolen but were later found in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur. The shocked look on his face was priceless.

Over the years we have also become good family friends.

Wish you more success and do keep encouraging the young artists.

My very best regards

                  Vijay R. Kirloskar

                  Bangalore, India

Crimson a friend pays tribute

Driven by Silloo & Naozar Daruwalla’s passion for art, their gallery Crimson drew in art lovers from all across Bangalore very soon after it opened. This iconic gallery hosts weekly soirees which are not to be missed … over a glass of wine we view works of famous artists in the presence of the masters themselves, attend launches of struggling gifted artists and watch their meteoric rise to recognition, we’re exposed to diverse genres of painting & sculpture, we’re mesmerized by the brilliance of collected works at a retrospective of a master who has recently passed. Crimson is the gallery to go to for serious collectors, for the young couple investing in their very first painting, for its annual Monsoon Sale bringing to us outstanding works within easy reach. Crimson is woven into the very fabric of Bangalore, adding to this city’s unique character.

Cheers, Silloo & Naozar ..!

                   Biba Bhusri

                   Bangalore, India

Bhooma and I have been associated with the Crimson gallery since 2004 and have been beneficiaries of some of the most thought provoking art that we purchased, since our move to Bengaluru. Crimson is a well-known name in the industry and the owners have a penchant for partnering with established and new artists who present substantial and consistent body of work across a variety of genres. A visit to their gallery never fails to inspire our visual imagination!

With warm regards and best wishes

                   Bhooma and Ravi Krishnan

                  Bangalore, India

Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist.

Naozar and Silloo have been a Bangalore couple that has provided “food for the soul” through Crimson their showcase and platform for 3 decades. In a Bangalore that has become an urban nightmare they still help to make our personal and professional environments retain a spiritual calm through art.

Our home has many canvases from Crimson that serve to provide us eternal joy and happiness. We have often done the interiors to an entire room around the art we cherish and the color palette extends from the painting itself to spaces beyond the frame.

Crimson has influenced Bangalore and raised its spiritual quotient though the passion with which the art has been curated. Choosing this art is for them both, and their patrons, a way of deciding what’s magical and mysterious and which brings in a touch of the unknown. The Daruwallas have given us this wonderful portal through which we have explored new worlds for over 30 years! 

I recall many evenings at their exhibitions when space and time seems to come together so magically that I felt like I discovered something about myself.

Naozar Daruwala, an artist himself, has sought to influence and be influenced by the artists he has associated with and Crimson their common platform.

Naozar and Silloo you have provided “food for the soul” through Crimson for 3 decades. Like all good art your aesthetic as presenter has evoked a sense of happiness and well being. Thank you and congratulations!

                  Biren Ghose, 

                 Country Head – Technicolor India