Title: Landscape

Medium: Coloured Metal Sheet on Board

Dimensions: 26 X 19 inches

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Emerging artist Dhananjaya’s art is at once original and hard-hitting. His mixed media collages explore contentious urban issues like environmental degradation and consumerism with delightfully unusual, salvaged materials. Look closely, and you will find that the lively animals, gods and lush natural settings consist of painted on deodorant bottles, pan masala dabbas (boxes) and beer cans nailed onto a board. This colourful metallic montage is then laced with an assortment of popular brand names, logos and textual graffiti, staring out at viewers from unlikely places. Dhananjaya makes a strong statement about the way we live, consume and interact with our natural environment. His provocative works contemplate the paradoxes that are intrinsic to modern life. This artwork cannot be rolled and will be shipped crated.


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