Within a few months of opening Crimson Art Gallery in August 1989, I recall our artist friend Yusuf Arakkal coming by to us one day, saying that there was a solo exhibition at CKP by a young talented artist from Kerala, Aziz TM, and we should go see it. So Naozar & I went across to see the exhibition and loved this young Kerala artist’s work. It was after this CKP solo exhibition that Azis TM became a permanent artist at Crimson and continues to be one of our favourite artists.

Azis TM has always been very strong in his drawing, which is the most important aspect for a figurative artist’s work. He also has a very creative imagination so with this combination his works have always been interesting and fun to the viewer.

He has the ability to contort the human body into various positions and still retain balance in his work.  We have nurtured and seen Azis grow into a mature artist and a wonderful human being over the years.