Born in Mumbai, Maharashtra in 1978. Fondly known as Sabir, this self-taught artist impresses with his humanity. Having grown up in the tenements, he works with kids from the slums of Mumbai using art to change their lives. Admired for his work, he is currently busy with a project for the Raza Foundation. He has held several solo and group shows at Thomas Henry Gallery, Boston, US; Jehangir Art Gallery in 2014; State gallery of Art, Hyderabad in 2014; at Chitrkala Parishet, Bangalore in 2014 /2016; Art Rays(Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland) in 2014. He is a regular participant at the Kalaghoda Art Fair, Bombay Arts Society and at the Art Fusion at the Nehru Centre, all in Mumbai.
Sardar paints his abstract artworks spontaneously, creating geometric patterns amid fluid effects, getting his inspiration from the disorder in nature and from objects around him like a broken wall, a scribbled sign board, a pile of garbage and other such objects. Sardar’s work is displayed in the Thomas Henry Gallery in Nantucket, in the company of works by Mark Rothko, Picasso, M.F. Husain and others.