Shekar Ballari

Title: Untitled

Medium: Acrylic on Paper

Dimensions: 12 X 16 inches

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Shekhar Ballari is an art teacher in Hubli. His drawings of bulls charging are executed with a few swift strokes which capture the energy and spontaneity of the moment. The rampaging bull is very much a part of yearly festivals and folk traditions of his native Karnataka. This artwork will be shipped rolled with Crimson’s certificate of authenticity.

Condition Report:

Overall condition of the drawing is good. The paper tones of the original could be slightly lighter /darker / different than the illustration on the website. There could be minor spots / staining / ageing spots on all artworks on paper. Wherever the artist has used archival quality paper the same has been conveyed to you. If in doubt please discuss the condition of your particular artwork before placing your esteemed order.


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