Rabin Mondal

Title: The business of living

Medium: Water Colour & Ink on Paper

Dimensions: 8.5 X 8 inches


Rabin Mondal grew up in Howrah in a poor family and neighborhood. He saw dark alleys and poverty live side by side with Masions and riches, each a stone’s throw away from the other. His art was greatly influenced by this dichotomy. Standing tall and defiant, his brooding figures come to life on his canvas and paper. This painting has ben recoded in a book titled ‘After the fall’ which has been published on the life, times and art of Rabin Mondal. His drawings capture our attention in a strange way. Angst, alienation and images of apocalypse form the subjects of his artistic expression. This artwork will be shipped flat along with Crimson’s Certificate on Authenticity.


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