Pallon Daruwala

Title: Living Forest – The Veil

Medium: Achival Print on Canvas – Edition of 3

Dimensions: 40 X 26 inches

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Black & White Spider Awards selected Pallon’s photograph of the Veil and conferred on it 3rd place –Honor of Distinction, which literally makes it the third best photograph of the year, worldwide. Pallon says this about his photography practice –“Having been a photographer for almost 30 years my eyes have become very used to looking for a sense of design in things around me. Shapes, patterns, textures play a very important role in the way that I see things. I often wonder if I just see with my eyes, because on many occasions I have found myself looking at an object and actually ‘feeling’ its surface. The quality of light plays an important part in accentuating these textures and shapes further. With each angle that the sun shifts, or the few feet that the clouds move, creates a different pattern on the trees, leaves and roots. The architecture and design of each tree or a leaf is just so unique. Over several trips with my camera, either on a shoot or on holiday, I’ve found myself attracted to the varied shapes and textures that are inherent amongst plants and trees… the type you would find in a living forest.” This artwork will be shipped rolled with Crimson’s certificate of authenticity.


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