Pallon Daruwala

Title: Untitled – Yellow Series

Medium: Giclee on 310 gsm Archival Fine Art Paper. Edition of 7

Dimensions: 21 X 14 inches

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Pallon’s“Yellow” series puts a spotlight on the erstwhile Portuguese Colony of Diu. His lens captures both its crumbling but proud history and its unique natural rock phenomenon. Pallon says this about his photography practice –“Having been a photographer for almost 30 years my eyes have become very used to looking for a sense of design in things around me. Shapes, patterns, textures play a very important role in the way that I see things. I often wonder if I just see with my eyes, because on many occasions I have found myself looking at an object and actually ‘feeling’ its surface. The quality of light plays an important part in accentuating these textures and shapes further. With each angle that the sun shifts, or the few feet that the clouds move, creates a different pattern on the trees, leaves and roots. This artwork will be shipped rolled with Crimson’s certificate of authenticity.


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