Born in 1949 in Hyderabad, Telengana. DLN Reddy is an Artist who has expressed his creativity in many versatile forms of art, be it painting, printmaking or sculpture. After his Diploma in Painting from the Fine Arts College of Hyderabad in 1969 he pursued Printmaking in MS University Baroda in 1971 after which he has had many solo shows and participated in various group exhibitions as well as attending various national art camps, winning awards and scholarships, nationally and internationally. He is an eminent artist who relentlessly works towards using his potential to its best. DLN quotes,” Art to me is Meditation.” His colourful abstracts are filled with amoebic forms vaguely reminiscent of primitive life forms and fluids. This is what the artist says about his work: “For decades now, collective emotions of the feminazi drowning into endless aspirations have taken over my canvas space, always subconsciously settling into my works but never engineered as a concept. My paintings and other works were figurative in my initial years, mostly exploring the female form, throbbing with surrounding environment and moods. Then as years passed by, the phase of my work translated into an amalgamation of Realism and Imagination. Being a private person, over the times I have become more settled in my studio space at Hyderabad and prefer working in my quietude. My current series of work has progressed into a form of semi-abstraction where I have managed to create effects and moods in recurring patterns. As an artist I have often changed my artistic language. Sometimes the change is subtle and at other times it is drastic, and in both cases there is an invisible thread that binds these works together. A lot of times I was questioned on the constant changes in my works, but I never wanted to make my work constant. The changes that are seen are often a reflection of the changes that occur within me. This connection or this invisible thread can be observed by anyone who pays attention or who wants to know the mystery of transitions and its reflections in an artistic language as well as the evolution of the self. My paintings are neither mere narratives nor artistic expressions of battles of life, but are stirring statements to churn out destabilizing thoughts and truth.” Noted art critic Pratima Sagar writes her perspective on his work and this is what she had to say, “

DLN’s use of colours are deep and dark and also playful and light. Every inch of the canvas draws your attention, and as a whole it seems to capture the mayhem into orderly frames. His present series from recent years of work, is a prelude to DLN’s upcoming solo show back home encompassing his five decades of artistic journey and discovery. DLN is a creative genius who never repeats himself. His struggle for newer forms always rides into a revelation and his mastery with material is effortlessly organic.”