At the tender age of 19, Basukinath Dasgupta, arrived in Shantiniketan Visva Bharati, in 1987 to pursue his love of art, graduating in 1992. Born and brought up in West Bengal’s Bishnupur, he grew up in the corridors of 17 th -century terracotta temples. Terracotta tiles are usually palm-sized and even smaller, with detailed figurines, patterns and when put together depict ancient stories in a sequence. Basukinath’s paintings have the same sense of perspective- no matter how large the canvas- there are intricate details, texture, a pattern, and a story. Each painting portrays Bengal’s ‘Shakti’ in various forms, the one-ness of Shakti and nature, and the love between man and woman.
Under the tutelage of K.G.Subramanyan, he completed his Masters in Murals, in 1994 and had continued to pursue his passion. Basukinath has rendered murals in the Jaipuri, Italian, Pompei fresco, egg, and Casein tempera, cement and sand casting, metal and mixed media, among others. He has been associated with Birla Academy, Swar Sangam, Kolkata- where he taught Art History and painting and TVS School, Tumkur, teaching art to children.
Basukinath has been a part of art shows regularly and continues showcasing his work independently. He currently resides in Karnataka and is a celebrated Indian artist.