Embedded Memories[March 15 - March 31, 2011]
“EMBEDDED MEMORIES” is a montage of relatively more light-hearted vignettes from the lives of 10 different artists, with the majority of paintings drawn from fond memories of their childhood or adolescent years. The artists are intrigued by memories…in the way that they depict beauty that is embedded deep down in their sub-conscious.
Time, the Refreshing River[April 24 - April 26, 2011]
An exhibition of paintings and drawings by Rameshwar Singh.
Art Quarter[January 12 - January 29, 2011]
Irreverent Gene[April 14 - May 15, 2010]
The underlying theme of ecological harmony and balance has been poignantly expressed with great sensitivity by the artists, and their works reflect an innate understanding and critique of the larger issues that are at the core of human existence. The endeavour aspires to engage the viewer and evoke an intuitive empathy that goes beyond the physicality of the exhibition space.
Ratnadeep Adivrekar[February 10 - 27, 2010]
Art as whole inspires me. Synthesis of an idea.cause and effect of idea.philosophy, science reflects on culture and culture reflects on art. I have curiosity. Importance of art in nurturing self discovery and progression. To record and reflect my journey with personal historical and local references as an artist.
Indian Harvest[August 13 - 26, 2009]
In Indian Harvest, it is the diversity of Indian colours and lines that is being brought to the fore. From those who followed the tradition to the ones that questioned it, these works of art portray India with all its vibrancy.
in focus [July 2 - 25, 2009]
We all know the city: its chaotic streets, buzzing markets, skyscraping structures, swarming people, silent nooks, graffiti-covered walls, hidden treasures, palpable contradictions, and its well- and ill-kept secrets. The six photographers featured in this show capture the nuances and unique reverberations of city life.
Big Dreams [April 5 - 30, 2009]
Slumdog Millionaire is a story that any one in the world can identify with. It is a story of rags to riches, optimism amid adversity, ghetto-to-glory. It is a story of love until death do us part. It is a story about people who rise above their circumstances, who are given nothing, who create a dream and become somebody. It is a story of survival, of hope, of destiny and of dreaming big.